Real Estate Sales

Your home, next to your pension should you be lucky enough to have one, is the single biggest investment of your life. When you purchase your home do you truly understand the mountains of papers that you are required to sign or do you blindly sign here and initial there? Do you understand the exceptions listed on your title policy and how they may affect you in the future sale of your home?   Do you even know there are exceptions to your title policy or what your title policy is?   We can help you through every aspect of your home sale and purchase.

If your home is in foreclosure what options do you have? When can you ask that the court put your case into mediation and attempt to work out an agreement with the bank to stop the foreclosure and save your home?

If you own rental property or are a tenant do you know your rights and responsibilities? When can a tenant pay their rent in a court? As a landlord what am I permitted to do when my tenant is behind in the monthly rent?

We have the answers to these and all your real estate questions.  Call for a free initial consultation now.